July 14, 2024


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What will happen to bitcoin: positive and negative scenarios

What will happen to bitcoin: positive and negative scenarios

If the growth of cryptocurrency does not confuse anyone, its fall leads to significant financial losses on the part of investors. The recent drop in bitcoin has shaken the cryptocurrency community considerably. The major cryptocurrency is also subject to the laws of the market. But judging even by the tron historical price chart, the volatility in the cryptocurrency market is incomparably higher. 

Letizo news: why did bitcoin fall?

Most crypto-enthusiasts, judging by the latest Letizo news, are interested in the reasons for bitcoin’s fall. Understanding these patterns allows you to make predictions for the future to minimize financial losses during corrections. 

Market Manipulation

Despite having the largest market capitalization, bitcoin is subject to market manipulation just like other crypto-assets. Negative infomercials and a high fear index become the reasons for mass sales of the asset, which inevitably leads to an even bigger drawdown of the exchange rate. If you look at the tron price chart analysis, this is particularly clearly visible. 

Investors interest

An important factor that affects the rate of the asset is the interest of large investors. The influence of institutional investors on the crypto market is quite large, given that digital currencies are becoming more and more popular and attractive investment instruments every year. 

Negative news and other factors

Just as negative or positive news in politics led to the fall or rise of fiat currencies of different countries, the same events in the crypto industry affect the quotations of different coins and tokens. In this situation, the negative news, namely the UST crash, served as another trigger, which led to the collapse of the top cryptocurrency.

What will happen to bitcoin and Solana SOL prices?

Bitcoin will continue to go down for a while and update the minimum threshold. At the same time, a drawdown of up to $20,000 is not ruled out. As the flagship of the cryptocurrency market, it will pull other altcoins with it. But this is temporary – winter is over. Summer is coming. It might make sense to look at the Solana SOL price

If you look at the weekly chart, you can see that no dumps are definitely expected – the market is steadily recovering. Also, the second week of May closed with the price mark above $30,000, which shows the growth of bitcoin prices. If bitcoin finds support at $36,000 soon, it will be a sign of a bullish trend.

But so far, by all indications, we should not expect a rapid rise in the value of bitcoin, which everyone has been waiting for, in the coming months. But a fall even lower is very realistic. The market will show how far.

Today, it is not necessary to focus on the bitcoin rate in the next 2 years. Try to draw conclusions from Solana price history 2021 and invest in this project today. Sharp movements and purchases can lead to disappointments. But it is worth being prepared for the fact that, fundamentally, bitcoin may grow well ahead of its next having in May 2024.